Friday, April 5, 2013

Pagan Blog Project: G is for God(s)

When someone first finds out that I am Pagan the questions I get can range from silly to offensive to serious. Most of the people who know me are very supportive and will send me silly witch related things as signs of support and acceptance. I loved it when a friend sent me a little picture of a broom with the subtitle “Yes, I can drive a stick”.  She gets me.
One of my very good friends has an on again off again relationship with her church. It is a Christian based group and while she will not discuss my beliefs with me she did ask me the following: Do you believe in God?
In my practice I work with many Gods and Goddess and while I knew that is not something she would understand I was able to tell her with certainty that I do believe in a Devine Spirit. I don’t however believe in a cruel and vengeful God, nor do I believe that my image of the Devine is the only one.
This is something that many people I know who are not pagan have a difficult time with. Growing up in the Catholic faith we were taught that there is only one true God and that was the Catholic version. This is one of the many reasons that I never felt comfortable there.
As a young child I just could not believe that God was so cruel that all of the people who came before Catholicism was founded were in purgatory. This made no sense to me. Then, as I got older and discovered and explored many other, different religious beliefs it made even less sense.
My spiritual path is very personal. I have a strong connection to nature and a definite need to create. I work mainly (but not only) with Goddesses and when I think of the Devine I usually think in feminine terms though I believe that the Devine is both masculine and feminine in nature, that all of the different faces that we put on God are part of the whole and that each person relates to the Devine in the way that is most meaningful to them.
I am very comfortable with who I am and what I believe and yes, I believe in God, though I prefer to refer to her as Goddess!


  1. You're absolutely correct, the divine is completely personal and I love that there are so many aspects of the divine so everyone can find the ones that speak to them. :)

  2. Thank you! I agree, it is nice to be able to relate to the divine in the best way that works for me :)