Monday, July 9, 2012

Steam Punk Party

This past weekend my girlfriend hosted a Steam Punk Pinterest party. If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet check it out! It’s like an online bulletin board full of really cool and inspirational stuff on almost anything you can imagine – really!
Back to my friend’s party - We all were to come dressed in SteamPunk attire and bring a Pinterest inspired craft and food item to share. What a fun day. Playing dress up with my friends is so much fun, seriously, I don’t care how old you are playing dress up is fun! Since I have nothing else to do (yeah, sure, I wish) I decided to hunt through the local Goodwill store for some items that I could use as a base for my costume.
I found the perfect brown peasant style skirt and a lovely, suede-like jacket. Yep, exactly what I needed. Meanwhile, my man agreed to make me a Ray Gun.  He rocks!

Here is the jacket. I forgot to take pictures before I cut the sleeves off so I placed them back on to give you an idea of what I started with.

Making the costume is really one of my favorite parts of dress up. With this one I knew that I wanted to embroider a couple of the Steam Punk inspired designs I got from Urban Threads. So I chose two designs, one for the jacket and a separate one for the skirt.  I chose to embroider both designs in grays and metallic coppers to tie them together. The dragon on the back of my jacket turned out great as did the spider on the skirt.

To make the skirt hang properly, I cut holes between the skirt and the lining and threaded leather belt like strips through the holes, then using buckles I was able to belt both sides of the top skirt up to reveal the embroidered lining. Awesome and easy! I had some leather that I cut into strip which would fit through some scrapbooking ribbon slides – yep, I used my scrapbook supplies on my costume, and I didn’t stop with those ribbon slides either!

On the front of the jacket I used more scrapbook supplies, Tim Holtz gears and extra long brads. I really didn’t have time to sew all those gears on to the front and the brads held up all day!

To top of the outfit I used another Urban Threads embroidery design and made this adorable mini lace top hat – yes, I love my embroidery machine – coolest toy ever!
The outfit came together really well and I was quite pleased with it and then my man texted me a picture of the ray gun. I had no words, it was that cool. Then he tweaked it a bit and I helped with the finish of the handle and a few other tiny details and the result was this…

How cool is this! I have my very own ray gun J

So here I am, all decked out in my steam punk attire.  I felt like a bad ass until I realized I had to drive to meet the friends I was car pooling with and my jeep has no doors or roof right now. I thought I would feel like an idiot but I didn’t, it was too much fun. (This picture was taken at the end of the day so I am looking a little ragged LOL)

We had a great time, ate yummy foods and created interesting projects.  Here is the pendant I shared. I’ll hopefully be putting a couple of these on my ETSY shop tonight since they came out so well. I forgot how much I liked making these.
Now I am starting to gear up for the Mad Hatter Tea Party! I can’t wait to share that with you!

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