Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Kayaking on the Marina

Since I have been AFK for most of June I thought I would share one of the other things that is taking up some of my time.

This is a picture I took while Kayaking on our local Marina, I know a Marina in the middle of Northern Nevada- what?? The marina used to be a rock quarry which flooded in January of 2000. Now it is a fabulous park which they stock with rainbow trout, with a dog park, walking paths and of course a couple of beaches. It is the perfect place to Kayak in my town and since I live about 10 minutes from here I get to visit it often.

It is amazing how many places there are near me to take the Kayak, we live 45 minutes from Lake Tahoe plus there are a least a half a dozen lakes within driving distance. I love being on the water. There really isn't anything else like it. My man and I are going to kayak Tahoe a couple of times this summer. I can't wait! There are some really cool water trails we can take the go past osprey nests and all sorts of other cool things. I will definitely share those pictures once we get back!

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