Monday, March 19, 2012

GOYB Fitness Challenge Update

Whew, I am slowly catching up! I am still working out with the weights but until this week I was only loosely following Weight Watchers. While I haven't lost any weight I haven't gained any either - good thing - and the weight training is awesome! I love it! When I started I only put 2.5 measly pounds on each side of my barbell and now I start off with 15 on each side and then add a bit more for different exercises. Not too bad.

The down side is that since I have not been eating as healthy as I could have been I am not really seeing my progress as I should be. I can feel it, I am stronger and my arms and legs are feeling tighter but my clothes are not fitting any different yet and that is frustrating! SO, beginning this Saturday I decided to actually eat right- I know, genius idea.

This week I have been cooking healthy meals and will continue my workouts. I have learned a lot of things that do work for me and then some that don't.

I signed up for the next fitness challenge and I am confident that I will see some great results by the end of that!

Ok, that is it for now!


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  1. Strength training alone may not help you lose weight as fast as cardio exercises. Maybe you could add in a quick walk every now and again, or some dancing?