Friday, March 16, 2012

Faerie- A Pagan Blog Project Post

After missing the letter E altogether I really wanted to write about very something special to me this time around. This is just a little tribute to some of the wonderful ways the Fae are part of my life.
Tinkerbell from Walt Disney's Peter Pan Movie

Fairy, Faerie, Fae…when we think of these magickal beings all sorts of images come to mind; princess type creatures with iridescent wings, earthy beings with pointy little ears and even dark and dangerous folk ready to entrap or seduce. Regardless of what image we conjure in our minds one thing I have found to be the same across the board is a Faerie’s love of tricks. It’s there, that twinkle in their eye, that thing that makes you wonder if you should get close or turn around and walk away, even Tinkerbell, of Peter Pan fame was a feisty little thing. Wendy was sure lucky that Tink listened to Peter or she would have been toast!

Faerie have been a part of my life for a long time. I enjoy the art, the images, their attitudes, the myth and lore that has been written about the Fae, the festivals and so much more that people create out of love for Faerie. I love to see the costumes that people envision Faeries wearing, especially if it is made out of natural items.

Sevi, one of my early faerie sculptures

Faeries were my inspiration to start sculpting, I just had to create one, or two, or more! Faeries have the power to free your imagination. They are full of trickery and magick.The wonderful thing about sculpting Faerie is that no matter what crazy thing I think up, the Fae are all for it! If you are an artist you know that when you start the creative process you have an idea of what the finished product will be yet somewhere along the way the project takes over and it becomes what it is meant to be. When I am sculpting I never know what I will end up with and that is part of the magick.
Faerie magick was definitely at work when I became seriously interested in sculpting, the amazing Wendy Froud was coming to my area to teach sculpting classes! I have since taken several classes from Wendy as well as from her son Toby and all I can tell you is this - if you ever get a chance to take one of their classes - DO IT! Just watching them create is worth the price of the class.

Faerieworlds Spiral Dance 2010

Me - Faerieworlds 2010

One of my favorite places to go is to the Faerieworld celebration in Eugene Oregon in the summer. A celebration of music and all things Fae, you can’t go wrong. This celebration has it all, amazing music, talented artists, a spiral dance, fabulous costumes and so much more.

I previously wrote about my love of the Tarot, I also have a fondness for The Heart of Faerie Oracle deck created by Brian and Wendy Froud, two of my favorite artists. This deck is lovely, for me, magickal! When I really need some perspective on my life I get this deck out. 
Next week I will be writing a bit about Faerie lore, some myth and mythology if you will. This was my week to gush about the Fae, next week I'll be a tad bit more educational.


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