Monday, February 13, 2012

GOYB Fitness Challenge Week 7 update

I can't believe it is week 7 already. I stayed the same again this week with my weight. I am trying  not to get discouraged.

I KNOW that part of it is because I am working out with weights. Not only am I working out with weights I am working hard. I am now lifting between 4 and 6 times what I started with. Intellectually I know that weight training slows weight loss and I also know that I have been a slacker when it comes to my diet. I am eating healthy foods - mostly - but I am enjoying dessert and wine a little too often!

I guess I should look at the overall picture - I have lost 7 inches and 4 pounds so far. I have made huge increases in the weight I can lift and I really, really enjoy my weight training class, so much so that I actually look forward to going, I have enjoyed meals out with my man and my friends and no matter what meals I have had the scale has not registered a gain.

The challenge for this coming week is to do something completely different than I am currently doing. I am not sure what I am,going to do. I will be traveling to see my middle son so my options will be limited. I guess I'll try to use the challenge as inspiration to get my exercise in while I am in Seattle :)

On a different note...

One of my personal goals with this blog was to become more of a part of the online Pagan//Wiccan/Magical community. I have to say that I have been welcomed with open arms and I can't even being to tell you how much that means to me! To celebrate that fact I am giving away 2 lace masks, to check out the give away see this post.

Thanks. For reading my blog, for hanging out with me in cyber space and for welcoming me to this amazing community :)



  1. Don't forget that gaining muscle will keep your weight up at first because it weighs more. :) A lot of people get discouraged in the first month or so because you don't see the big changes. But you are losing inches so its happening! :)

  2. Never mind the numbers, as long as you feel great. ^^

  3. Thanks :) I am trying not to worry about the number. I am going to continue on. I feel relly good!