Friday, February 3, 2012

Candle Magick - Pagan Blog Project

For my Pagan Blog Project Post this week I decided to write a little about Candle Magick. This is one of the most basic forms of sympathetic magic.  A simplified example is making a wish as you blow out a birthday candle. Your intent is there in the wish and the belief that blowing out that candle in a single breath will make your wish come true is the thought and the breath that blows it out the action that sets the magic in motion.
Candle magic is popular for many reasons. The supplies are generally inexpensive and easily found and the spell work can be quite simple or as elaborate as one prefers.
Candles have a different purpose based on their color. Here are a few color correspondences, keep in mind that each color represents more than what I have listed below and of course there are more colors that those listed below:
Black: Protection, Banishing Evil, Breaking Free from Bad Habits
Blue: Calmness, Truth, Healing
Pink: Love, Romance, Friendship
Red: Energy, Passion, Courage
Green: Balance, Abundance, Prosperity

Another option is to buy a candle designed for a specific spell. I love the Wicked Witchin line of candles. I have a couple of those in my studio and they are not only cute, I have had very good results with them.

When choosing candles for Magickal work always make sure to think about the Magickal work you will be doing. Does the spell require you to burn the candle in one sitting? If so you certainly don’t want to use a 3” thick pillar candle.  It is also usually best if you use a new candle, one that is specific for the purpose at hand, even better you can try your hand at making candles for your spells. Making candles for spells allows you to not only be specific as to your intent when making them but you add you own energy to the candle as you make it. I use many different candle types including simple store bought wax styles, homemade and beeswax.  Birthday candles are a great option. They are small, inexpensive and come in a multitude of colors!

Regardless of the type of candle you use, always be sure to cleanse and consecrate it before use. You don’t want any negative energy disrupting your work!

I'll write more about Candle Magick when we get to the letter E...

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  1. Is it sad that I got really excited when I saw your title? lol. Candle Magik is the first form I learned, thanks for Gerina Dunwich. It was also the first book that introduced me to the world of magik. I love candle magik, it's so simple, yet can be so powerful. ~)O(~

  2. LOL, I love candle magick! It was one of the first I learned as well and is near and dear to my heart!

  3. Thank you for this important information about candle magic and hope you know something important about black magic love spell too