Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yuletide Blessings 2011 Blog Party


Thank you for stopping by my party today. I want to thank  Astrea Sapphire's Almanac for hosting our event! Come on in, and make yourself comfy

As you can see, the table is set. Every year I like to "dress" our dining room table so that it looks festive. I try to do this early in the month so that we can enjoy it for a while.

 I found these gold star napkins and the tablecloth several years ago and I LOVE them. They just seem so festive and fun. I also like that I can add different items to make this look beautiful for Yule and then also fantastic for New Years.

The cookies are pretty good, the cream puffs are fantastic! Every year we host a Yule/Christmas/Holiday Party for our friends. This year we had lots of food and fun. We got to enjoy the company of the people we care about, listen to holiday music (most of the time* see below) Our friends outdid themselveswith food this year, we had blackberry pie, Cesar salad, tri-tip, teriaki meatballs, rum balls and much more. Makes me hungry just thinking about it! 

*We have an old Jukebox that has 45's in it. There are quite a few holiday songs in there, the trouble is, when we added the new records we forgot to change the labels so when you go to choose a song you really have no idea what you'll get. Part of the fun is to see what songs play. Sometimes we had great holiday songs, othertimes we had Frank Sinatra, then we got Aerosmith and Duran Duran.

These are some of my favorite ornaments. The pelican is the most recent addition to our tree. I found him while we were in St. Thomas on Vacation last month. He seems pretty happy to be here! I try to find an fun ornament for the Yule tree when we travel. I love to look at the tree and remember places that we have been.

Thanks for stopping by, I really enjoyed sharing a bit of my Yule traditions with you and I truly enjoyed your visit! I hope to see you again later.



  1. What an amazing home, and yum to the spread. Thanks for inviting us, and may your holiday be filled with joy and laughs ;-)

  2. Your home looks beautiful! I love your star table!
    and what fun to have a mystery juke box!!
    Blessed Yule!

  3. Your house looks so beautiful! And I LOVE the star napkins, I love stars,moons and suns my bedroom/office is full of them. Cool jukebox! Natalie@http://bridgetsdaughter5.blogspot

  4. The juke box with the labels all confused would just make it more fun!! A surprise of music from what sounds like quite an eclectic mix! lol thanks for participating in my blog party!

  5. Such beautiful decorations! Thanks so much for having us and enjoy your holiday!

  6. Thanks everyone! My wish for all of you is a Blessed Yule and a year full of love and laughter =D. I'll be checking in with you guys later this week.

  7. Sounds like a fun party; I like the randomness of the music... Adds to the fun, I think! :)