Saturday, December 10, 2011

Witches Yultide Ball 2011


Thank you to The Witch of Howling Creek and On the Broomstick for hosting our gala event!

I am sorry my Yuletide party is a bit late. I am still recovering from vacation! Welcome to my Yuletide ball, I have been busy getting the house ready for guests, I hope you  enjoy your time with me!

Meet Frosty, he watches over our stockings...

Which are, of course, hung by the chimney with care

Then there's Father Christmas and his sleigh pulled by reindeer who watch from above

and Bugs and the Gingerbread Man hold our stockings steady

a sleigh full of goodies has already arrived

It is so nice of you to drop by tonight. There's mulled cider and warm cranberry orange loaf in the kitchen.

I hope to see you again soon,



  1. What a lovely Yuletide home! Thanks for participating - Dana and I really appreciate it!

  2. Your gingerbread man is so cute! Blessed Yule!

  3. I love your stockings! We just bought some $1 ones from Target and I have been thinking about sprucing them up. I didn't feel like spending an arm and a leg to get some really nice ones. Maybe next year.

    Thanks for stopping by to see my wreath!

    Happy Yule!

  4. I love the way your home is decorated. I would love to have a fireplace like that. :-)

  5. Merry meet!
    Yum, and mmmm for the love and warmth I feel.
    Thank you for having me over.
    I wish you and yours a blessed Yule, and a Merry Christmas!
    love n light,

    come visit me, I have a giveaway!

  6. I love your decoration! Everything is so festive and beautiful. Happy Yule to you!